malcolm george

Malcolm has proven experience across a diverse range of industries including a Real Estate and Finance background and having completed a Bachelors Degree in Commerce.

Malcolm is focused on helping small businesses succeed which in turn creates more job opportunities for the local community as well as fostering a family friendly community with new local recreational and sporting facilities.

Malcolm’s key priorities for the Baldivis area include:

  • Stronger local police presence targeting hoon drivers
  • A diverse range of new local job opportunities
  • Increased recreational facilities for young families

Malcolm's Core Priorities and Positive Vision For the Baldivis Electorate

Local Job Opportunities

Local jobs provides opportunity and growth. - Especially for the young people of our community.

Stronger Police Presence

A stronger police presence leads to a safer community for everyone.

Recognition for Support Agencies

Support Agencies in our community make a real difference and should be recognised and valued for it.

Recreational Facilities

The growth of the Baldivis electorate has created a need for quality recreational facilities for the community to enjoy.

Ready to Listen

If you have any concerns or feedback for the Baldivis electorate, please let Malcolm know. Your input is valued as it provides key insight into the issues and concerns that really matter. Please conctact Malcolm to let him know your thoughts. Together we can make a great community even better.