Yesterday I had the privilege of going out with the Agriculture and Food Minister, Mark Lewis to tour Costa’s Mushroom Factory, Golden Ponds Fish and Marron Farm and Peel Estate Wines. We got to see how the whole Mushroom planting and growing cycle works and learnt they produce 77 tonnes a week. At the Fish and Martin farm we got to see how the operation grows fish from 2-3cm all the way up to full grown fish to sell to different retailers. At the Peel Estate Winery we saw how they take the sediment out of the wine and how they cork it. They also explained that due to the relatively greater surface area of a smaller bottle, wine tastes better out of a smaller bottle than a large one. Peel Estate Winery has been around since 1973 and is particularly well known for its Shiraz Cabernet which Mark Lewis the Agriculture and Food Minister is holding on the far left, along with the Fruity Chenin Blanc which I’m holding here on the far right in the picture! Also standing with Will Naan the owner of Peel Wine Estate second on the left and Phil Edman MLC for the South Metro Region standing next to me third from the left.