An insightful article on the Perthnow website today regarding how large the GST funding has been to different states in the last year. This is an excerpt from the article where it states the following:
A sympathetic PM said in August West Australians had every right to feel aggrieved – Queensland got back $14.4 billion last year and NSW $17.6 billion while WA received $2.03 billion, or only 30 cents of every GST dollar it raised.

As I have been saying over and over again to people this is the reason Western Australia has a large debt. The difference between funding in Queensland which is also a mining state and WA is over $12 billion per annum. This is why the Eastern States are swimming in WA money while we have to keep increasing our debt because of the Commonwealth Grants Commission ripping us off! How is this disgraceful funding model fair to our state???

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