Once of the clearest messages I am hearing from the Baldivis electorate is the concerns about crime in our area. Of particular concern is home burglaries and hoon driving in our streets.


According to WA Police crime statistics the Baldivis electorate has had 696 home break ins in the last 12 months. The suburb with the highest amount of break ins was Baldivis with 228. This is an unacceptable level of crime which affects the safety and sense of community. Not only this, but honest, hard working people are having the valuables they have worked hard for get stolen and / or destroyed.

Hoon driving affects our community in a different way. I have spoken to parents who have been very concerned about the well being and safety of their children because of drivers repeatedly driving well over the speed limit in their street. People sometimes find it hard to see why hoon driving is an issue until a loved one is hurt as a result of dangerous driving. WA Police will tell you the devastation that dangerous hoon driving can cause a family. They see it first hand – and it does happen. It is an issue that needs to be addressed to reduce the harm and danger of innocent lives in our community.

As the proposed Liberal candidate for the Baldivis electorate I want to do something about theft and dangerous driving. I am seeking to collect community support for the building of a dedicated police station in the Baldivis suburb and increased police presence and patrols throughout the Baldivis electorate.

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